• Sri Ramakrishna

  • The Universal Temple

  • The Universal Temple

  • Holy Mother, Sri Sarada Devi

  • Temple of Holy Mother

  • Swami Vivekananda

  • Ramakrishna Mission Charitable Hospital

  • Rural welfare center at Sakwar

  • Shivananda Library

  • On-campus Bookstore

The Ramakrishna Math & Mission, Mumbai is one of the oldest centres of the Ramakrishna Order. It is a sacred place, whose spiritual atmosphere has been strengthened by continuous worship and meditation over 75 years.

Its significance is derived from two important dimensions:

One, it has provided solace to hundreds of individuals who seek inner peace beyond the hustle of daily life, particularly in a city like Mumbai.

Two, it’s unstinted and dedicated service to the needy in and around the city of Mumbai – with the attitude of ‘Service to man is worship of God’.

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Quote of the Day

Let me tell you how to love all equally. Do not demand anything of those you love. Ifyou make demands, some will give you more and some less. Inthat case you will love more those who give you more and less those who give you less. Thus your love will not be the same for all. You will not be able to love all impartially. – Holy Mother

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How you can Volunteer

You can also contribute by offering your free services to the Math or Mission.
You can join in the organizing of any of the activities of the Math or Mission as a volunteer – from rural outreach to manning the bookshop, to hospital.You can also volunteer for serving in the Math – organizing festivals, serving in the Ashrama.

For further details contact: 022 - 6181 8000 / 2646 4363 / 2600 7176

Upcoming events you can attend

Sri Sri Ma Sarada Devi Tithi Puja

Sri Sri Ma Sarada Devi Tithi Puja

28 December, 2018

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