Youth Counselling Centre

The purpose of the Youth Counseling Program is “self-discovery”.

It essentially helps the participants to ask some fundamental questions such as – “What is success?”, “What are the roots of success?”, “What makes role-models successful?”, “What is it that I need to do with myself, so that I achieve all that I want to achieve in life?”

The participants work in groups with simple but powerful toolkits (designed and developed by Illumine Labs). The peer discussions during the program, are useful to shape choices in life. The program gives direction on what the participants need to develop through their day to day encounters with life.


ELIGIBILITY: All youth in the age range of 15 to 25 years are eligible to attend the program


PARTICIPANTS PER SESSION : To ensure optimal level of participation and facilitation, each session is limited to 25–30 participants.



  • 4 hour session in a single day
  • 2 two-hour sessions on 2 consecutive days



  • In the School / college / institution
  • In RKM, Khar, Mumbai


The participants will be working in groups with specialized toolkits. The interactive format offers a platform for participants to discover their own aspirations and pathways to realize their dreams. Group participation and discussion is encouraged.