Emulate the personality of Guru Nanak

- by Swami Ranganathananda

Eternal Values for a Changing Society, Vol III– Guru Nanank & Spiritual Values; pg.265I

n teachers like Guru Nanak, we find the rare blending of two character-traits which generally exclude each other, namely, strength and gentleness, courage and meekness. Sri Krishna describes this unqiue blending as one of the characteristics of a true devotee of God (GitaXII.15).

Yasmat no dvijat loko, lokat no’dvijate ca yah

By whom the world is not frightened, and whom the world also does not frighten.

We more often see strength and fearlessness co-existing with violence and ferocity, aggressiveness and exploitation, while we see gentleness and meekness co-existing with fear and weakness, helplessness and dependence. Guru Nanak represents the highest level of psycho-social evolution and spiritual growth, revealing a personality at once strong and gentle, fearless and compassionate, and yielding the character-fruits of universal love and service. When a personality blends in itself strength and gentleness, it becomes a source of fearlessness to others as well.


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