How we must work..

– Swami Saradananda in “Glimpses of a Great Soul”

sw-saradanandaIf you carry on your spiritual practices with implicit faith in the Lord – who is your own – you will understand everything  in due time. It will gradually be revealed to you how you can cultivate absolute reliance on God while performing your duties. If you are sincere and have the attitude that it is His work that you are doing, He will show you the way.

Remember two things: (1) An impure person can never be a good worker. (2) A true worker works with skill and efficiency but will at the same time maintian inner peace and tranquility. However arduous his task may be, he will not grumble. He will avoid all misunderstanding and quarrels and be tolerant of other people’s viewpoints. (3) In the midst of all kinds of work you must allot some time for japa and meditation for they are the means to self-knowledge. Jesus Christ said to his disciples: ‘Ye are the salt of the earth.’ It seems to me japa and medittion are, as it were, the salt of work.


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