Notes from Swami Saradananda’s lectures

“In studying the fundamental ideas about religion that Sri Ramakrishna has left for us, the first that we come across is that God can be seen and talked to, just as we talk to each other. We have to believe this.

Secondly, if we are to reach God, we must establish a relationship with Him, be it that of father or of friend or some other relationship that can root deeply in our nature. And we must work at that relationship with single-minded devotion.

There are, of course, other more abstract concepts of the Godhead, but most people need form and symbol and cannot follow the impersonal path to its logical conclusion.

Sincerity and wholehearted devotion to God are the determining factors in sadhana and in life.

The greatest obstacle in our way to God is the ego. As long as there is the ‘I’, God is far from us. The ‘I’ must be completely merged in the ‘Thou’. We must resign ourselves completely at the feet of the Lord; then only can we realize the Truth.

Believe in any form, in any personality, and establish any type of kinship with him, but surrender completely to him, make him the only thought of your life and actions, become wholly absorbed in Him, and then only will you be blessed.”

– Excerpt from Glimpses of A Great Soul


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