Relief Work

The Relief Philosophy

The Relief Philosophy

The defining motto of the Ramakrishna Math & Mission, is “For the salvation of the self and the good of all”. In other words, service in the Ramakrishna Mission is not an ‘add-on’ activity, but represents the core vision for the order as enunciated by Swami Vivekananda.

This is the basis for the long hisotry of dedicated and silent relief work carried out under the direct organizing and leadership energies of some of the Monks of the Mumbai Ashrama.

Any relief work needs direct and decisive acts of compassion involving fund raising, providing food, clothes and other human necessaties, active volunteering in the hour of crisis and sincerely praying for the afflicted.

When the time comes for such action, those who wish to serve may make themselves available.

The Response History

The Response History

Major relief acts by the Ramakrishna Mission Mumbai over the past 80 years have included:

  • 1927 Gujarat floods
  • 1930: floods of Sind
  • 1932: Flood relief in Malwan Taluka, Dist Ratnagiri.
  • 1940: October: Storm relief in Greater Bombay
  • 1941July: Gujarat flood relief in Pardi, Vapi, (Daman Road), Taluka Mota Wagchipa.
  • 1943: Bijapur Famine Relief; and Bengal (man-made) Famine Relief where 60 lakhs of people died.
  • 1947 S.S. Ramdas (Ship ) Relief Fund
  • 1950 July: Saurashtra Flood Relief
  • 1950 September: Assam Earthquake Relief.
  • 1952: Sundarban Famine Relief, Rayalasima and Tamilnadu Cyclone Relief.
  • 1953 The Maharashtra Famine Relief Work
  • 1954 Flood Relief in Bihar, Bengal and Assam
  • 1959: Gujarat Flood Relief in and around Surat.
  • 1966: Assam Flood Relief.
  • 1967: Bihar Drought Relief and Koynanagar Earthquake Relief.
  • 1968-70: Gujarat Flood Relief in villages of Surat Dist
  • 1969: Jalpaiguri Flood Relief.
  • 1970-71: East Pakistan Migrant Relief.
  • 1973-February: Maharashtra Drought Medical Relief.
  • 1973-74: September Tripura Flood Relief, Saurashtra Drought Relief, Gujarat (Banaskantha) Flood Relief and Orissa Flood Relief.
  • 1974-75: Flood Relief in North Bengal and Orissa and Scarcity Relief in West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh.
  • 1978-79: Flood Releif in West Bengal; and Andhra Pradesh Cyclone Relief.
  • 1980-81: Flood Relief in Morvi, Gujarat
  • 1981-84: Funds collected and sent to Belur Math for Jaipur Flood Relief, Sunderban Relief, Orissa Cyclone and Flood Relief, U.P. Flood Relief, Assam Disturbance Relief, Bihar Flood Relief, Saurashtra Cyclone Relief, Bengal Drought Relief and Saurashtra Flood Relief, Konkan (Maharashtra)
  • 1989-90: Primary Relief works at: Cyclone affected areas in West Bengal; Drought affected area in Rajasthan, Orissa; and Gujarat, Earthquake affected areas in Bihar; Fire hit areas in Orissa and Andhra Pradesh; Flood hit areas in Assam; Delhi, Gujarat, West Bengal and Bangladesh; and Medical Relief work in West Bengal and at Kumbh Mela at Allahabad
  • 1991-92: Funds collected and sent for Cyclone Relief in Andhra Pradesh and Orissa; Distress Relief in West Bengal; Fire Relief in Orissa; Flood Relief in Gujarat and Tamil Nadu; Medical Relief at Gangasagar Mela in West Bengal; Refugee Relief in Tamil Nadu. Rehabilitation work consisted of building pucca houses in West Bengal, Gujarat and Bangladesh.
  • 1995-96: Distress Relief in Gujarat, Rajasthan and West Bengal; Drought Relief in Gujarat; Fire Relief in Orissa, West Bengal and Arunachal Pradesh; Flood Relief in Gujarat, Orissa, Tamil Nadu and Bihar; Medical Relief in West Bengal and Orissa; Plague Relief in Gujarat; Winter Relief in West Bengal and Flood Relief in Batticaloa, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
  • 1993-1997: Latur Earthquake Relief and Rehabilitation Works.

How you can contribute

Donations in the form of finances or resources for any of the activities are welcome.
Financial donations are exempt from Income Tax u/s 80-G of IT Act, 1961 of Government of India.
Cheque can be drawn in favour of Ramakrishna Math & Mission Mumbai.

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