Spiritual Initiation / Mantra Diksha

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Initiation in the Ramakrishna Mission is not a “membership” or a “rite of passage” to any group or cult.

Initiation means letting go of the superficiality of our aspirations, and choosing freely and with clear thinking, a path of sincere “sadhana” or spiritual struggle with the aim of realizing the eternal truths spoken about in our scriptures.

Those who wish to undertake such a path, have the privilege and opportunity of being initiated by those who have been vested with the necessary spiritual authority.

“The flow of Divine Power and Grace in the Ramakrishna Math & Mission is maintained by an unbroken lineage of Gurus, the guru-parampara. The President of the Ramakrishna Math & Mission, worldwide maintains this spiritual tradition through the process of mantra-diksha or Initiation. ” (Extract from the Belur Math website)

Who can initiate you?
The people vested with the spiritual authority to initiate you are the President , Vice-Presidents and the Trustees of the Ramakrishna Order.

Dates for Initiation

Initiation: Next steps

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