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The Uniqueness of Mother’s Temple

The Uniqueness of Mother’s Temple

The temple of Holy Mother at the Ramakrishna Math Mumbai, is unique.

Firstly, it is only one of the two temples (the other being at Jayrambati, birthplace of Holy Mother) – wherein Holy Mother is worshipped as deity through an idol.

The premises where Mother’s Idol is worshiped was the main temple of Sri Ramakrishna till 1965 – when the present building was constructed.

After the main worship was shifted to the new temple, there was a demand from the devotees that the sanctity and peace of the original temple be maintained through appropriate means.

This led to the installation of Holy Mother’s Idol in the old temple and just as the devotees sought, the sanctity and peace continues to remain in the premises.

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Activities around Mother’s temple

Activities around Mother’s temple

There is no regular ritualistic worship conducted at this shrine. However, flowers and incense are offered to Mother every day.

And the unique calm that pervades Holy Mother’s temple will not escape any sensitive individual who visits the place.

Saturday Bhajans
Every Saturday evening, groups of lady devotees gather in ‘Mother’s House’ to sing bhajans and be together in the company of sister devotees, like one big family under the benevolent gaze of the Mother.

The Prasad, mostly prepared by the devotees themselves, is distributed after the bhajans. This is a tradition from the time of Holy Mother’s Centenary in 1953.

You will find the shrine doors open on this day, with a clear view of Mother. Some devotees are also allowed to enter the shrine and perform small acts of service to Mother.

You too can join the worship and bhajans. On Saturday from 3.00 pm to 5.30 pm.

The worship schedule

  • begins with Sarada Naam Sankirtanam,
  • is followed by readings from the Vachanamrit (“Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna” in Hindi),
  • this is followed by the singing of assorted bhajans, and Bhagavad Gita and,
  • ends with the singing of “Prakritim Paramam” – the hymn to Holy Mother written by Swami Abhedananda.

Special Occasions
The temple of Holy Mother is grandly decorated and becomes the focus of attraction for all devotees on special occasions such as Holy Mother’s birthday, Durga Puja, birthdays of Swami Vivekananda, etc.

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