Spiritual Retreats

The purpose of a Spiritual Retreat (Sadhana Shibir) is to give people an opportunity to withdraw (at least for a day), from the cares and worries of the world to spend time in worship, prayer, and meditation. It also includes partaking of sacred food and receiving important purposeful guidance and insights from all renouncing monks.

Spiritual Retreats are special affairs in the Ramakrishna Math Mumbai. They are held twice a year – once in April/ May and again in November/ December. These are usually conducted on a Sunday, with about 300-400 devotees (men and women) participating.

The retreat starts early (at about 7.30 am) going on till about 5.00 pm, in the spacious and well arranged hall of the Ashrama campus. The goal of the program is to recharge the individuals spiritual life.

The Retreats are usually conducted by Senior Swamis from various Maths. The program starts with the worship of the Trinity followed by meditation, singing of bhajans, spiritual discourses. It finally ends with a Question and Answer session.

Spiritual Retreats Schedule

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