Swami Vivekananda on “Who is a Guru”

“The Guru is the means of realisation (V 323.7)

The Guru must be worshipped as God. He is God, he is nothing less than that. (IV. 224.4)

He who can understand and speak to you of your past and future can be recognised as your Guru. (RS V 323.5)

The real Guru is he who leads you beyond this Mâyâ of endless birth and death… (VI 471.4)

The real Guru is he… who graciously destroys all the griefs and maladies of the soul (VI 471-472)

A real Guru is one who is born from time to time as a repository of spiritual force which he transmits to future generations.. (V 257.3)

…the Guru is the sine qua non of progress in the path of spirituality. (III 4522)

He (the Guru) is the channel through which the spiritual current flows to us, the link which joins us to the whole spiritual world. (VII 86.2)

Why, he (the Guru) is God Himself, nothing less than that! (VII 116.2)

…all Gurus are one and are fragments and radiations of God, the Universal Guru. (VI 234.2).”


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