What the Direct Disciples say about Holy Mother

Swami Vivekananda

YOU HAVE NOT yet understood the wonderful significance of Mother’s life – none of you. But gradually you will know. Without Shakti (Power) there is no regeneration for the world. Why is it that our country is the weakest and the most backward of all countries? Because Shakti is held in dishonor there. Mother has been born to revive that wonderful Shakti in India; and making her the nucleus, once more will Gargis and Maiteryis be born into the world. Dear brother, you understand little now, but by degrees you will come to know it all.

To me, Mother’s grace is a hundred thousand times more valuable than Father’s. Mother’s grace, Mother’s blessings are all paramount to me…please pardon me, I am a little bigoted here, as regards Mother. If but Mother orders, her demons can work anything.

Swami Brahmananda

Who can understand our Mother? Even great yogis cannot understand her, what to speak of others. Is it the function of an ordinary being to have digested the worship of an incarnation like Sri Ramakrishna? From this one has to understand what a great container of power the Mother is. We have been seeing this with our own eyes everyday; the Mother has been taking the sins and afflictions of many people on her self, and redeeming them. Could any one else but the Divine Mother Herself have this power?

Our Mother is Mahamaya Herself. But such is her Maya that none can understand her. Inside, the ocean of realization; outside, absolute calm. How ordinary and easy she appears? Even the incarnations cannot keep under control such divine moods and devotion. One, however, can somewhat understand Sri Ramakrishna through some inklings. But it is extremely difficult to understand the Mother. How she has kept all deluded with her love!

Swami Shivananda

Only Sri Ramakrishna knew what the Mother was; and Swamiji understood her to a certain extent. Swamiji would sometimes even say: “The Holy Mother is greater than Sri Ramakrishna’,- such was his great regard for the Mother. Sri Ramakrishna once said, íf the one who is residing at Nahabat (meaning the Holy Mother) is cross with one for some reason, it is beyond even my power to save him.’ …Mother, she was the mother of all.

Swami Premananda

WHO HAS UNDERSTOOD the Holy Mother? Who can understand her? You have heard about Sita, Savitri, Vishnupriya and Radharani. The Holy Mother occupies a far higher place. Not even the slightest trace of divine powers was noticeable in her. Sri Ramakrishna, however, had the Vidya-powers. Many were the occasions when we witnessed his trances and ecstasies. But in the Holy Mother even the Vidya-powers were concealed. What a supreme power that! Victory unto the Mother! Victory unto the Mother! Victory unto the powerful Mother!

Swami Saradananda

‘What can we understand of the Mother! This, however, I can say that I have never seen such a great mind, and I do not hope to see. It is not within our capacity to comprehend the extent of Mother’s glory and power. I have never seen in anyone such attachment, nor have I seen such detachment.